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7822 Foxcote Manor on her way back

7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’ arrives at Carrog on the Llangollen Railway

(Pictures of Wales / Steam Trains)

The West Somerset Railway PLC, alongside the Foxcote Manor Society, has announced that GWR ‘Manor’ No. 7822 ‘Foxcote Manor’ will see out the remainder of its boiler ticket at the West Somerset Railway.

That means that for the next five years until the 7822’s boiler ticket expires on the 22nd March 2026, the West Somerset Railway will have two Manors available for service.

Popular with crews and visitors, 7822 Foxcote Manor has seen regular service at the West Somerset Railway since 2017, clocking up 150 service days in 2018 alone. Currently, the locomotive is at Minehead MPD after moving back from the Llangollen Railway in 2020 and is undergoing extensive winter maintenance. Work has included a new spark arrestor, chimney cowl, cab floor, ashpan spray, and feed pipe cladding covers. A number of fittings and jobs have also been completed and should see 7822 in service during 2021.

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