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British Steel Claims Two World Firsts

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Wonder product Zinoco upgraded five years on from initial release

(Image: British Steel)

Two world firsts are being claimed by British Steel after it upgraded its wonder rail product.

Zinoco was the first innovation released at the Scunthorpe-headquartered works when it returned to the proud name in 2016. It is described as a revolutionary rail that withstands some of the harshest environments - from coastal lines to wet tunnels - where salt, minerals and biological matter can accelerate corrosion. Now even longer rails with greater protection have been revealed, promising better services and less frequent replacement.

British Steel’s commercial director for rail, Craig Harvey, said: “Building on Zinoco ’s success in track, and a seven-figure investment in new equipment, we’re delighted to launch the world’s first ultra-long corrosion-protected rail in a single 108m piece – or 216m with a single weld. The new and improved Zinoco is also the world’s first rail with a super-hydrophobic finish that repels water and dirt. Available in any length from 9m to 216m, the new finish enhances the protection Zinoco offers, further reducing the frequency of rail replacement programmes, which impact on network operators and passengers.”

Zinoco (Image: British Steel)

The new long-length Zinoco, developed at Scutnhorpe, has all the benefits of its shorter counterparts, offering exceptional corrosion protection with a typical life extension of 5 to 10 times. It achieves the highest levels of durability through improved impact and abrasion resistance, and also provides sacrificial cathodic protection – an electro-chemical reaction which occurs when the anode sacrifices itself in favour of the cathode. The resulting flow of electrons prevents a corrosive chemical reaction. Another benefit of the product is its need for fewer welds which makes installation quicker and gives the rails greater integrity.

Describing it as suitable for any track environment, Mr Harvey said: “British Steel is committed to delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions to help our customers overcome the challenges they face and Zinoco is a great example of this and the world-class products we manufacture.”

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