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Cotswold Canals Trust Uses Crane to fix Stonehouse Bridge

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

(Photo taken by Jim White, Chair of Trustees at the Cotswolds Canal Trust)

A huge crane is being used to continue work on the Ocean Railway Bridge in Stonehouse as part of the Cotswolds canal restoration project. Volunteers from the Cotswold Canals Trust and staff from Network Rail are replacing the bridge, which was removed in 1968 by British Rail. The crane will swing precast sections of the new bridge into position, which volunteers aim to complete by May this year. In 2001, the newly formed Cotswold Canals Partnership made a commitment to restore the Cotswold Canals to full navigation in the interests of conservation, biodiversity and local quality of life. The project was split into three phases as funding would not be immediately available for the entire restoration. Restoring the Ocean Railway Bridge is phase 1B, which also involves connecting the canal from Stonehouse to Saul Junction, where it will join Gloucester & Sharpness Canal.

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