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H2 Green and Eversholt Rail target green future for Britain’s railways

H2 Green and Eversholt Rail have joined forces to bring hydrogen supply to UK rail. On 6 July, Eversholt Rail announced it had entered into an agreement with the hydrogen network operator to develop hydrogen supply solutions. They will work to determine the production and refuelling infrastructure needed to support wide-scale deployment of hydrogen-powered rolling stock fleets, with a focus on providing low cost, reliable green hydrogen. The aim is for the agreement to act as a catalyst to enable rapid deployment of hydrogen rolling stock for the UK railway. Luke Johnson, Managing Director of H2 Green, explained that by collaborating with Eversholt Rail, it will enable them to design hydrogen production hubs to serve the real-world needs of the railway, providing commercially-viable, highly reliable facilities. Johnson added: “Supplying regional rail lines with clean, green hydrogen to power their fuel cell electric trains is a logical step in the decarbonisation of transport. Rail holds an iconic historical position, in the last great industrial revolution and will be central to the next: moving to a green circular economy.”

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