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Model Rail Enthusiast Rides Inside His Model Train Using GoPro - See the Videos!

A Canadian man who’s ‘absolutely obsessed with trains’ put a GoPro inside a model carriage so he could enjoy the journey he’d crafted. You have rail enthusiasts and train-spotters, then you have Jason Shron. Throughout his life, he’s made sure everything he does revolves around the art of the locomotive – in 2013, he even built a full-scale Canadian VIA Rail passenger coach in his basement!

"Because of COVID, I’ve had a lot of time to work on my model railroad," he said in a new video, in which he placed a small camera inside one of his hand-crafted carriages to live out a model-sized journey like it was the real thing.

On his Rapido Trains YouTube channel, he explained: "What I’ve always wanted since I was very little is a model of the rail line from Toronto to Montreal called the Kingston Subdivision."

He then takes you on a journey of spectacular, lifelike detail as it approaches Brockville Station in eastern Ontario. Everything you see is a model, which only becomes readily apparent when you see cars and tiny dolls of people waiting for their train. Otherwise, remarkable.

One user commented: ‘My mind is Completely Blown of the realism!! I would expect nothing less than perfection from Jason, and I’m here to tell you, his Kingston sub matches his high quality models perfectly!!! Mind still blown!!!!!’

Another wrote: ‘This is seriously impressive. For me it’s the soundscape that makes it come to life. We all get involved in the look of layouts, but hearing the bottles shaking in the racks the windows creak as the coach frame distorts and the low level chatter is amazing.’

A third commented: ‘I’m not a model railroad guy, but I have to say that this is all kinds of awesome. I love seeing people embrace their passions, and this takes it to 11! What an exceptional job.’

It’s one step in a grander plan to install large screens around his basement train so it actually simulates the experience of the Kingston Subdivision route, rather than just sitting on a train.

He earlier told the Toronto Star: ‘It’s something anyone can do with the right amount of craziness. You have to be obsessed. Four years and a mess in your basement, you have to be able to see what the end result is going to look like.’

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