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Moscow Train Carriage Helps Rehome Stray Pets

Moscow has launched a train carriage on the city metro system that’s dedicated to finding new owners for stray cats and dogs.

Known as the 'Tails and Paws' train, it has posters on board featuring dozens of animals from 13 Moscow shelters asking passengers to give them a new home. In the cars, passengers see portraits of 72 dogs and cats looking for a family.

By clicking on the QR code, everyone can see a pets’ profile, read about habits, character and behaviour. A spokesman for Russian Railways said “We hope that after such an acquaintance, these animals will find their homes with our passengers.”

This train is the result of the joint work of the Moscow Department of Transport, MaximaTelecom, Kvant, Foundation and PetsVillage shelter, as well as 14 other shelters and foundations that provided photos of their pets.

The «Tails and Paws» train was launched at the beginning of November but, within a couple of weeks, a third of the animals in the cars have managed to find a home. Under the pets’ photos «Already at Home» sticker will appear. It already appeared on 21 photos of the lucky ones. In total, passengers took 22 pets from the train (the dog Hard went home even before the train was launched). New homes were found for 10 dogs and 12 cats.

The spokesman said, “We will continue to follow the fate of each friend. But we are already preparing new photos that will appear in the cars. We hope that with the help of our passengers this train will definitely bring all its tailed passengers home.

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