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New Joint Venture to Maintain KeolisAmey Expertise in Wales

A newly created Joint Venture (JV) between Transport for Wales (TfW) and KeolisAmey will play an important part in the next phase of the transformation programme in Wales. The JV’s driving purpose will be to act as a catalyst for change looking at how innovation will support the wider TfW group in its ultimate ambition for an integrated transport network for Wales. Central to this will be TfW’s ability to continue to benefit from KeolisAmey’s international experience and expertise in the mobility and infrastructure sectors.

The JV has been formed following TfW’s decision to take over the day-to-day operation of the Wales and Borders franchise. Keolis and Amey will work collaboratively with Transport for Wales to transform areas such as rolling stock delivery, specification, commissioning and introduction, as well as asset management, digital best practice and the ongoing integration of light and heavy rail. This will draw on Keolis’ worldwide sector expertise, particularly from its operations of world-renowned networks from across 16 countries – including iconic cities such as Bordeaux, Lyon, Melbourne and Stockholm – in areas such as integrated ticketing, on demand transport systems, cross modal design and innovation.

Amey, with its integrated operational and consulting capabilities, will provide versatile engineering solutions and integrated transport planning designed for the current and future needs of local communities. And with its rail infrastructure knowledge of track renewals, signalling and traction power systems, Amey will continue to deliver the infrastructure requirements for the transformation of the Core Valley Lines.

The new venture will also provide the opportunity to develop new Wales specific concepts and ideas, to encourage and accelerate world class innovation to support the transformation programme. The collaboration between Transport for Wales and KeolisAmey has seen real progress made towards the delivery of a transformed service over the past two years.

The joint venture is majority owned by TfW and known as ‘Transport for Wales Innovation Services’.

Geoff Ogden, Consultancy and Corporate Services Director of Transport for Wales and Chair of Transport for Wales Innovation Services, said: “The Joint Venture is an important part of the new arrangement. Whilst specific projects will become clearer as the transformation of the rail franchise and further integration of modes continue, I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to maintain a partnership with both Keolis and Amey – ensuring that we and the Welsh public are able to benefit from their global expertise in key areas.”

Alistair Gordon, CEO of Keolis UK, said: “I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved to date in Wales – both in terms of the improvements already made and in laying the foundations for the new trains, and the important infrastructure to support their introduction – which is now not far off.

“We’re pleased to still be a part of the transformation work in Wales and I look forward to bringing Keolis’ expertise from around the world to support the delivery of key projects to support the mobility solutions Welsh passengers both desire and deserve.”

Peter Anderson, Managing Director of Transport Infrastructure at Amey, said: “We are delighted to be maintaining this key role in Wales alongside our long-term partner, Keolis. My team of in-house rail design and delivery experts enable us to provide a seamless approach to delivering complex infrastructure solutions, working closely with our partners and stakeholders. The provision of a wide variety of intellectual property along with a range of related services were an important part of our vision for Transport in Wales, expressed in the original KeolisAmey proposal to TfW. We look forward to the Joint Venture becoming a major catalyst for change and driver for innovation across the rapidly developing integrated transport system in Wales.”

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