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Progress for Good Manors!

Bradley Manor - 7802

The replacement cylinders and valve liners have now arrived at Tyseley Locomotive Works, have been unwrapped and examined, and are a marvellous site to behold!

Here are the new cylinder blocks and valve liners (still wrapped) freshly delivered at Tyseley, along with original cylinder and valve covers in early February [All Photos: Terry Jenkins]:

Next we see the machined driver’s side hand cylinder block:

And here is the upper side of fireman’s side hand cylinder block. The round profile to support the base of the smokebox can be seen, along with the rectangular cylinder exhaust opening which will be below the chimney blastpipe. The circular opening is where the steam pipe from the boiler will connect and feed high pressure steam to the valves:

A new driver’s side front cylinder cover casting is on order to replace the original one that was destroyed when the piston rod failed. A ambidextrous traditional pattern has been made for this, just in case of future need…..

The next stage will be to cryogenically shrink the valve liners in dry ice to allow their fitting in the valve bores. As they then expand whilst warming to atmospheric temperature they will become (very) tight in position.

The remaining tasks required leading to bolting the cylinder blocks together as a pair will then enable them to be hydraulically tested. In order to avoid a kit of parts everywhere, only once they have successfully passed their hydraulic test will we look to further dismantle 7802.

Erlestoke Manor 7812

The Erlestoke Manor Fund has said that it has received more than £15,000 in donations and share purchases for its “2 for 2020” Appeal.

Additionally, the Fund will be able to claim Gift Aid on the donations which will boost the value given.

With both locomotives out of action, the trustees at the Erlestoke Manor Fund decided to launch an appeal to raise funds for 7802 Bradley Manor and 7812 Erlestoke Manor.

Whilst the pandemic put paid to seeing 7802 or 7812 in steam in 2020, the appeal made a difference in making sure that the repairs to both locomotives could continue despite the circumstances.

The appeal raised funds needed for new piston heads and rods for both 7802 and 7812, as well as allowing contract staff to continue on 7812’s overhaul.

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