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Southsea Model Village is trashed by vandals

(Above and Below) Damage at Southsea Model Village done at around 5am on May 23rd

(Southsea Model Village)

THE community has rallied to support the popular Southsea Model Village that was trashed in the ‘worst’ spate of vandalism the repeatedly targeted attraction has seen in years.

Images caught on camera showed three men and a woman having a ‘little war’ by throwing items at each other while standing two against two at 4.30am on Sunday 23rd May.

They were seen damaging railway tracks, throwing figures across the site and putting in tiny windows after entering the model village from the Rose Gardens, which were subsequently taped off by council workers.

It left owner Mark Wilson and his team busy cleaning up as they vowed not to be beaten and still opened the tourist attraction. The incident is the latest in a long line of vandalism at the site – but is the worst suffered for years.

To help in the fight against vandalism, a fundraiser has been set up by volunteer Brian Le Blond to raise money for CCTV and pay to replace damaged items. ‘Southsea Model Village is an amazing local attraction that keeps getting vandalised. I’m a volunteer at the village and have set this page up as the owners are to proud to do it themselves,’ Brian wrote on his fundraiser.‘They have only been open nine weeks last year and only three weeks this year. The latest break in has caused a lot of damage to the train tracks and buildings.

‘This Go Fund Me is help the village install a new security system and help with the cost of repairs. Any donation will greatly appreciated.’

The trending Go Fund Me fundraiser has already raised over £2,500 from well-wishers.

Harry Wilson, assistant manager of the attraction, said: ‘It’s horrible what they have done and is the worst vandalism in six years. There’s not a great deal more we can do to stop it without having proper CCTV that will pick things up better. We will not be beaten by them.’

Meanwhile Mark Wilson previously told The News: ‘It’s the worst one we’ve had so far, it’s an absolute nightmare – they’ve done loads of damage. I’m fuming again. There’s figures everywhere – there’s windows put in, train tracks everywhere, bonsai trees damaged.

‘They were wearing pretty distinctive clothing, hopefully (the police) will follow them along the seafront (on CCTV). We’ve been closed all year, open four weeks then this happens.

‘They were standing there and throwing the figures, having a little war – two on one end and two on the other – and chucking the figures at each other.’

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call police on 101.

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