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Tube Train Driver Turns Poet

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Adam Waugh has published his first poetry book, “Faceless”, in a bid to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Adam, whose day job is driving trains on the Piccadilly Line on London’s underground has done this after his mother-in-law battled Alzheimer’s for six years and he is aiming to continue the fight towards a cure by publishing his first poetry book.

Adam Waugh from Manea has self-published his new book, ‘Faceless’, which consists of poems on topics such as Covid-19, mental health and growing up as a child. Having read one of his daughter’s poems on a train, Adam was encouraged to think of more ideas for his project.

“My daughter Niamh wrote a quick poem on a train and I was knocked back by how good it was,” he said. “I started jotting down plans and me and Niamh would have a competition to write the poem in the quickest time. I then jotted ideas at work and listening to poetry and during lockdown, I started to write every day and it went from there.”

Adam began to turn his thoughts into poetry and last month, was advised by wife Susan and his sister to show off his work to a wider audience. He then decided to compile a book of his work for Alzheimer’s Research UK, which Susan works for, and promote it on social media.

“We were only aiming to order 100 copies, and have since sold nearly 150, and hopefully by the same time next year, we’d have sold another 150,” he said.

“I thought I would probably sell a few copies to my family, but once we started raising money, we wanted to raise more, so I have been plugging on social media. Faceless’ consists of poems mostly written by Adam, illustrations from his daughters Niamh and Mia, and artwork produced by Adam’s cousin Tom.

Adam, a former video producer, is also looking to get celebrities on board by reading and sharing some of his poems and has already been asked to speak about his book at his village primary school.

While the family-led project is growing more popular, Adam, who has fundraised before for different charities, also has another aim in mind.

“Susan’s cousin has worked with celebrities and she said I could get someone to share and read a poem,” he added. “I want people to understand about Alzheimer’s Research UK and how it affects people’s lives. My daughters went through seeing grandma dealing with lots of things they shouldn’t have had to see. The charity is doing well with research, but it still needs a lot of funding to get a cure.”

For more information or to buy Adam’s book, email him at

message him on Facebook or follow on Instagram at face_less2020.

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