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Very Light Rail Rapid Charger Installed at Dudley Test Track and New Battery Charger

Furrer+Frey GB has installed an ‘ultra-rapid’ battery charge station at the Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre in Dudley, where the prototype vehicle for the planned Coventry VLR line is to be tested.

The world's first fast charging station for battery trains, developed by Furrer+Frey and Stadtwerke Tübingen, has been successfully tested.

The technical solution "Voltap" offers many advantages for the use of battery trains. Fast charging is possible in an extremely short time. The system is future-proof and can also be used in rural areas with weaker network infrastructure. Charging takes place without a socket or plug. This means that no manual handling is necessary. This increases the safety and comfort of the staff. Operation, monitoring, maintenance, etc. can be offered from a single source if desired. The investment costs extend over the term. Since the TÜV accompanied the development phase, a prepared approval is ready.

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