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Vintage Trains Welcomes 3 Pacer Trains to Tyseley as ‘Regular’ Mainline use is planned

Vintage Trains has acquired three Class 144 Pacer trains, ensuring that people can enjoy the Pacer experience on the mainline for years to come. Thanks to Porterbrook, 3 three-car Class 144 trains have arrived at Tyseley to join the existing steam fleet.

Only ten 3-car Class 144s were built by BREL in Derby and Vintage Trains’ sets include the first and last in the three-car series, these being Nos 144014, 144023 and 144019.

The 144s operated with Northern across West Yorkshire, loathed and loved by enthusiasts, Pacer trains offer an easy to maintain platform and will help expand Vintage Trains’ operations.

Nos 144014, 144023 and 144019 are all in very good condition after being withdrawn from service with Northern early due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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