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Western Locomotive Association launch Bogie Appeal for locomotive D1013 “Western Ranger”

Sister locomotive D1023 Western Fusilier (Colin J Marsden)

The Western Locomotive Association has set up an appeal to help raise funds for a full overhaul of both bogies for their British Railways (BR) Class 52 (Type 4 Diesel Hydraulic) No.D1013 “Western Ranger”.

Following over 45 years since D1013’s last overhaul under BR ownership, the time has come where a full major overhaul of most key components is due, which includes a full electrical rewire and overhaul of both V12 65 litre engines.

One major component which has only received minor repairs has been the bogies, with the engine never being lifted off of them in 45 years. With the tyres almost life expired, it’s time to fully dismantle both bogies. Working with the Diesel Traction Group (DTG) who have restored three bogies to date, Western Ranger's set, once out from under the locomotive, can be dismantled, cleaned, overhauled/repaired and rebuilt.

All four wheelsets will be sent away for new tyres, which is estimated to cost £40,000.

The total cost of overhauling the bogies is predicted to be in the region of £200,000, with the final cost to be worked out once quotes have been received.

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