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Work progressing at pace on new Marsh Barton rail station

Work on the new Marsh Barton rail station, which began in April, is progressing at pace.

Preparatory works to the site, near to the Energy from Waste plant on the eastern edge of Marsh Barton, Exeter, are well underway.

Vegetation has been cleared, existing utilities protected, and a site compound and access road have been created ready for the next phase to begin in June. With work traffic to site about to become busy, Clapperbrook Lane East will be closed to vehicles, for the safety of the public and the workforce, from 1 June 2021 to 15 July 2022. The road will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists, but due to limited width, cyclists will need to dismount when using the road.

Vehicles wanting to get to The Double Locks pub or Riverside Valley Park can do so from Haven Road and Water Lane, with access along a recently widened tow path to Salmonpool Swingbridge, over the canal.

With the diversion in place and the widened tow path being used by vehicles, for their safety pedestrians and cyclists will need to use the path on the other side of the canal, via the swing bridge, back towards the Quay.

The new Marsh Barton station is being delivered by Graham Construction Ltd and will serve communities living on the rail line in Exeter, Teignbridge, Torbay and East Devon. It will also include the development of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge, which will connect the station and improve safer, active travel choices for work, education and leisure trips between Alphington, Marsh Barton and the Riverside Valley Park and Exe Estuary.

Councillor John Hart, Leader Elect of Devon County Council, said: “The new long awaited station will improve access to one of the city’s most important employment areas. More than 7,000 people travel to work in Marsh Barton, and the train station and improved cycle and pedestrian access will be a key part in our delivery of sustainable transport options within the city. This project will therefore be good for our local businesses, and good for our economy while supporting our environmental commitment to reduce carbon to zero over the coming years.”

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